Rutin is a type of vitamin P, which strengthens capillary endurance. Rutin is used by Traditional Medicine as a precious “remedy” for diseases:
– Venous pain
– Internal bleeding
– Hemorrhoids
– Prevent a stroke caused by a broken vein or artery
– Prevention of mucositis side effects of cancer treatment – a painful condition caused by the formation of swelling and ulcers in the mouth or lining of the digestive tract.

Rutin is considered a “panacea” for hemorrhoids, but the great disadvantage of Rutin is very poorly soluble in water, poor absorption, and easily excreted. This means that a large amount of rutin must be used to be effective, along with unwanted side effects. Products containing rutin or flower extract currently mainly stop at the effect of clearing heat, detoxifying or temporarily stopping bleeding.

RT OIC ảnh 5
RT OIC ảnh 2

The first nano-form rutin on the market

Rutin nanoparticle size is only 20-50nm, easily penetrates into blood and cells

Nano-pharmaceuticals are maximally absorbed, not eliminated, and the effectiveness is thousands of times higher than normal rutin

Raw rutin with the highest purity 98%

Materials that meet USP, EP (USA, EU) standards are safe, benign, and non-side effects

Product Declaration
Content and microbiological testing
Particle size test
Mrs Tu Quyen
40 years old, Lecturers of Hanoi University of Science and Technology
The product is very good, especially for people with hemorrhoids that burning and bleeding symptoms. I only need to use it for the first week to stop bleeding and reduce pain and swelling very effectively. Really surprised.
Mrs. Thuong Nghiem
39 years old, Hanoi
The specificity of my job is accounting and auditing. When every busy season I have hemorrhoids that making me tired. But since I found Nano Rutin, I feel like I have been relieved of a difficult burden to say and my digestion is also better. The doctor said the risk of grade 3 hemorrhoids is also significantly reduced.
Mr. Quoc Anh Bui
35 years old, Ho Chi Minh city
Nano Rutin is very good, I and my whole family are using it, not only supporting the treatment of hemorrhoids, but my parents are now using it regularly to regulate blood pressure and prevent stroke
Mr. Bao Nghia Nguyen
32 years old, Sales in Hanoi City
I’ve had hemorrhoids for nearly a year now. Every time I go to the toilet it’s like torture because of the burning pain that makes my eyes water, when I’m constipated, it’s even more embarrassing. But after only 1 month of using Nano Rutin, the stretch marks and tears in the anus gradually healed, the bleeding was reduced from 2 weeks before. Now I’m very secure.
Nano Rutin OIC (60 Capsules)
26,3 $ (Prices include VAT)
Unit: 60 Capsules
NANO RUTIN OIC (60 CAPSULES) now available on Amazon with soft capsule form. You can buy on Amazon or order with the form below: 1900 63 69 13
1900 63 69 13
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